New Orleans Party Orchestra

by The Happy Pals New Orleans Party Orchestra

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Soul cats come in all shapes and sizes, and ages too. If there's one thing I want to do it's get those cats together grooving to the New Orleans soul coming down. Not cats who all look the same, or feel the same, or are at the same place in life. Not just young cats, or cats who could be your mom, or just cats with blue hair whose names begin with J.

That's not what happened down there, and it's not what's got to happen here. New Orleans is a lot of things, but one thing it is for sure is a gumbo. You got Spanish and French, black and white, uptown and downtown, out to Milneburg and Algiers. That's where the soul of New Orleans comes from.

So just suppose you want to get a little bit of that soul taking root up here in Toronto. There's only one way to do it and it's this: Go lots of ways. You need them all. You need all sorts of people to come groove and you need all sorts of people to play. You need all kinds of music from all kinds of musicians, and you need to stew them together with some filé so they come out nice.

You need Noonie and Adam, Wendy and Bert, Stefan and Heather, Debbie and Hannah, and you need Rainer and Alex and Marla and Smokin' Joe. You definitely need Dawn.

You need Kid Thomas, and Billie and DeDe, and George Lewis, but you need Armand J Piron and Pete Bocage too. You need Louis and Kid Ory but you can't make it without Snooks Eaglin and Cyril Neville and Professor Longhair. Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family and Creedence, through to Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. And Lord Kitchener. And Sister Mary Nelson. You even need Tom Waits and Edith Piaf.

New Orleans music is a gumbo. It happened because it was played by a gumbo of people, for a gumbo of people.

That's the one thing I want.


Patrick Tevlin


released November 15, 2005

Patrick Tevlin, trumpet (voc 3, 5)
Toby Hughes, alto sax
Roberta Tevlin, trombone (vocal 7, 9)
Roberta Hunt piano, (vocal 2, 4)
Rainer Hunck, banjo
Philip J. Carney, bass
Chuck Clarke, drums (vocal 6)

Recorded Live at Grossman’s Tavern, Toronto Canada, May 2005
Recording: Brian & Heather Harris, Paul Norton, Wendy Balshin
Production: Patrick Tevlin, Chuck Clarke
Cover Design: Patrick Tevlin, Marla Dixon

Thanks to everyone who, for one reason or another, practically lives at Grossman's Tavern.

For The Kid.


all rights reserved


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